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5 Minute GeniusClick Image To Visit SiteI felt so angry when I discovered how the betting industry had fooled me for the past several years.

I’d look through the bookmaker’s windows and feel pity for the oblivious punter standing in front of Sky Sports News, betting slip in-hand, desperately waiting for luck to go his way.

Or for my friend debating for hours upon hours whether Manchester City would score Over 3.5 goals or not – citing ego-centric pundits or some blase comment he’d read on a football betting forum.

And yes, from day dot I knew that as a bettor I was at a considerable disadvantage as odds are practically NEVER in the punter’s favour.

It wasn’t the shocking revelation that Ladbrokes have been sponsoring "fake news" articles which claimed people with massive debts and depression had solved their problems by gambling.

Before I reveal what happened, let’s take it back a little and examine a subject that men usually brush off.

But my wife just can’t get enough of it. Either Capital Xtra in her Fiat 500 or Radio 1 while she is cooking a shepherds pie; if it’s a Rihanna song, she might even start crooning to the lyrics.

Anyways, Rihanna made the national headlines when she released her overly-glorified make-up assemble called Fenty.

My wife naturally caught on to the hype and asked me to buy her some of these delicate accessories for her birthday.

She gave me a list of sophisticated names and numbers: "Concealer and Contour 349", "Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 220 Peach", "Invisimatte Blotting Powder," "Magnetized Shimmer Skin Stick"; this list looked like a chemistry assignment.

So I went to the Fenty Beauty website, head in my hand thinking this is the most tedious task ever…

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