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Craps School - How to Play Craps at Craps SchoolClick Image To Visit SiteWelcome … and Thank You For Your Visit If you’re like most of our visitors you’ve already searched the internet for some basic information on the game before coming here. Information is widely available as a general outline but keep in mind, it is just an outline. It’s basic information about the game. Unless you understand how to implement the information in live action it’s just a lot of meaningless numbers. We’ve got a PDF file below with odds and rules of the game. But don’t believe in miracles after reading it. Anyone can learn the odds and rules of playing craps free on the web. But spend a little time at a Crap Table and see what it really costs you to learn this game. You will be sliced and diced. If you think you can win money by just knowing the basics of this game ? Sorry to have to tell you this …. But you’re in dreamland my friend. You can’t stumble into this game and expect to win. If you want to win money in a Crap Game … You have to know the game. If you don’t know the game … Don’t Play Craps. You’ll make a fool of yourself. You will hold up the action, cause problems for the dealers, and the worse part is … you’re going to dump money ! Guaranteed You’re Going to Lose Only a Fool Gambles in a Game He Doesn’t Understand This is About Money ! It’s a serious thing. It’s No Joke … Don’t be a fool to believe you can beat this game not knowing how. Knowing the numbers isn’t enough. You need to know how to win. ( it’s the best part about the game ) Listen To An Excerpt Of Our Seminar Here This is Not a Video – Our Seminar is Programmed Completely in Shockwave… Read more…

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