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(dup) The Two Fold Formula - WallStreetWindow.comClick Image To Visit SiteIt may not be a coincidence that you have come to this page right now, because the day that I discovered the Two Fold Formula changed my life.  Even though the first time I used this trading pattern was way back in 1999 I still use it today, because it is still the single best trading pattern that I know of and I can’t count how many that I have gone through.

And even though I first used it with stocks it can be used with anything that you can make a technical chart out of including exchange traded funds, bonds, commodities and futures.  If you can plot out the price on a chart you can use it.

This new ebook is devoted to arming you with this one single price pattern setup.  I know that there are thousands of books out there about analyzing the markets and I know that trading can seem confusing, but when you focus on one single thing that is the best of the best then everything becomes much clearer.

Now most people when they start trading watch something move and try to guess a bottom or see it go up a lot and then buy thinking it will go up more.  They are really chasing price action and it turns into a big mess.

Then they try to fix that with the charts.  Sometimes they’ll put technical indicators on a chart and try to put more and more of them on their charts to try to find some perfect combination of them that can be used to predict price action.  But then they simply get more confused as they enter indicator overload.  I was once confused in the markets.  And then one day everything changed for me.

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