⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Click Image To Visit SiteEach day we find the best value football bets and rank them out of 5 stars based on a number of factors. The stars reflect a "pyramid staking plan" that relates to points/value

Say hello to great winning odds in football. It’s astounding to see the return you get if you look for the right bets in conjunction with custom staking. You won’t find this anywhere else, it’s a 100% unique method

Hello and welcome! (Last Updated 08/08/18) My name is Sam Green and this is my crazy story of how I developed a football strategy that pulls in huge profit by using a unique five-star ranking for the days best bets. On this page I will reveal my one-of-a-kind ranking method that will help you pull-in profit through football.

Let me start by taking you back to 2014, I was 28 years old and living in a shared-house and struggling to pay rent. It was a hard time as I’d moved back to my hometown of Norwich where I didn’t really have a social life. With no coursework and friends to fill my time, I fell into a routine of sitting on the computer doing one of four things… Searching for jobs – playing world of warcraft (computer game) – browsing the x rated video sites – following betting systems. I spent countless hours, months,years in this routine. As much as I love world of warcraft, It’s a sad realisation that you’ve invested so much time into a computer game character. No woman cares what level orc I am. Applying for jobs was an ongoing pursuit. I’d find work in all sorts of positions but nothing that related to either of my degrees. I worked in multiple kitchens… Read more…

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