HOM (Holistic Order Manager) – A new platform for Forex Trading

HOM (Holistic Order Manager) - A new platform for Forex TradingClick Image To Visit SiteTraders trading forex/futures instruments on MetaTrader4 platform usually spend considerable amount of their time entering their order and manage it. If you were looking for ways to automate all aspects of order life cycle, or if you were searching and waiting for some tool or expert advisor to do so, your wait is over. Holistic Order Manager (HOM) has arrived. HOM is very sleek, extremely responsive and simple to operate expert advisor. HOM is feature rich so as to allow you to focus and concentrate where your 100% attention is required – Technical Chart Analysis to make buy or sell decisions, and deciding order’s auto management style. HOM is extremely customizable, such that trader can adjust it their liking and trading style.

HOM is not just an expert advisor for MetaTrader4 platform, but it’s a complete system in itself. HOM runs inside only one chart, and can handle all aspects of order entry and management for all the instruments allowed and traded in the broker’s MetaTrader4 platform. You can predefine default initial risk method to open order entry controls. HOM can manage different trailing method for each order separately. There is no need to launch HOM expert advisor in separate charts for different currency pairs and different timeframes to manage orders. You have option to create phantom orders and they are saved internally in HOM on your machine. So, in worst case, if broker’s Metatrader4 platform is crashed/closed or internet connection is lost, and when platform is reopened later, it will start monitoring all phantom as well as live orders again. HOM can work in two instances concurrently (one in live/demo account and another one in strategy tester) without interfering with each other. This unique feature will allow you to do back testing in… Read more…

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