Low pressure cleaning business

Low pressure cleaning businessClick Image To Visit SiteBelow is a story of how we built a successful business as exterior cleaning contractors. and so can you.

One day, after numerous pleas, I broke down and agreed to help him with his business. Dick had an open trailer, a pretty good pressure washer (13 HP, 3400 PSI) 200 feet of hose coiled up, a five gallon sheet rock bucket for mixing chemicals, a case of Clorox, some Dawn detergent and a couple ladders. This was his entire business.

I felt like his idea about the roof cleaning business offered the most promise if any money was to be made, as no one was cleaning roofs In 1993, I couldn’t even find any information on the internet, which at the time was just cranking up.. My interest grew when Dick announced he had heard through a supplier of a company that was producing a chemical that would clean roofs with garden hose pressure. We promptly ordered a case and found the chemical did an excellent job cleaning, but garden hose pressure was not going to do the job, at least in a timely manner. All we needed was a little bit more pressure but nothing like the pressure produced by a power washer. We went to our local agriculture supply store and began buying pumps, motors, tanks and nozzles and eventually put together a machine that would safely clean roofs. We must have spent $5,000 on pumps, regulators and other contraptions until we finally got it right.

While designing a rig to clean roofs we incorporated labor and chemical savings features that, in addition to cleaning roofs, allowed us to clean siding and decks in a fraction the time using less than half the chemicals. Resulting in earning more money per hour plus more profit than our competitors… Read more…

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