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OddsMaker DailyClick Image To Visit SiteMy problem with them is that they ask you to risk a £1,000 bank or more to make just a few thousand pounds over the year.

What I have is a formula that allows you to start with just £200.00, bet at £20 per point and still make over £14,000 per year.

Members who joined me from my ad in the Racing Post for 2017 were delighted with the results they saw.

So much so that I have decided to put myself against all the other online "tipsters" to prove myselft once and for all that I can deliver over £14,000 profit from just a £200 starting bank!

As you can see when we have a profitable month we up the stakes £10 per bet. If we have a losing month we stick at the current rate for the following month and if we did have 2 back to back losing months (which we didn’t in 2017) we would lower the stake £10 per bet for the 3rd month.

You start with a 10pt bank (£200) at £20 per bet, after 30 days if you have made a profit you go to £30 if you haven’t you stick at £20.00. It you have 2 consecutive losing months you lower your bet by £10.00 per bet.

Take last year, 11 profitable months from 12. Where we banked 208.45pts profit. A good return for most services over 1 year.

I urge every one to start at £20.00 bets so you can see how powerful my method is without risking a lot of money.

But when you back Value and the Odds are in your favour then it can take as little as 1 winner in 5 to make a nice healthy profit at the… Read more…

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