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Perfect PunterClick Image To Visit SiteSince 1992 I have been betting on horse racing and probably, like you, I am passionate about seeing others live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, and know from personal experience how it feels to achieve that goal. Just like I was in the ninties, you’ve probably subscribed to the racing channels, spent hours studying the card and exhausted every possible eventuality, only for it to fall at the first hurdle and still end in frustration.

Let’s face it, you probably hear about the ‘professional punters’ going all in on a particular fancy on the card, and wonder just HOW DO THEY DO IT? Just how can they be cashing out those huge returns, looking so happy at the bookies window?

Firstly, forget all the systems you’ve tried before and the unsuccessful ‘strategies’ you’ve followed. Forget the hours you’ve poured over a paper studying the form only to see your horse tail off. And forget that famous line “the bookies always win” – THEY DON’T.

Of course, there’s no such things as miracles in racing but here’s the thing…. I’ve done the leg work – I’ve made the losses, tried the systems and been around the block over the past 15 years! I have earned a solid reputation among other punters in the industry for my knowledge and experience built up over time.

My name is David Sterling, I was just a regular guy with a steady job who enjoyed having a bet on the horses. Like you, I was convinced there must be a better way with hidden secrets. And then I decided to do something about it. I started comprehensively studying the form book, implementing a mathematical and data analysis – with lots of trial and error, making connections in… Read more…

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