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Products - My Betfair Strategies - Betfair Sports Trading BlogClick Image To Visit SiteAfter years of being asked, I finally got around to writing some products where I explain my Betfair trading methods in detail, nothing held back, for the benefit of both novice and experienced Betfair traders. New products will be published on this page and announced in my ezine, use the form on the right hand sidebar to join and receive alerts when more items are published.

While I continue documenting my various sports trading methods, the list below shows all eBooks I currently have available. All of these products were put together with great care to ensure absolutely everything I do when trading was included within them. I don’t believe in doing one thing and saying (or selling) another. The reviews I have received on these products confirm for me that I managed to achieve the fine balance between explaining all the boring detail but without alienating people, especially novices to the world of sports trading. I firmly believe these are some of the best trading strategies out there, but more importantly, explained in a way which readers can absorb quickly and immediately begin using themselves without fear or confusion. As a result, I feel quite sure that these products will continue to help many traders take their Betfair trading careers to increasingly higher levels.

This completely free eBook explains the basics of Betfair trading to anyone considering entering the markets for the first time.

Designed for total newbies or novice traders, it explains the fundamental workings of Betfair as well as how trading strategies work, what an “edge” is, how to back and lay, and many other essential pieces of information which all traders should understand before diving in with their hard-earned cash.

Pulled from many years experience of laying the draw in football leagues all around… Read more…

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