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tetrogen - tetrogenClick Image To Visit SitePowerful weight-loss support—DAY and NIGHT—to help you lose weight while maintaining lean muscle and supporting a healthy metabolism.

Helps protect you from stress-induced eating by supporting serotonin levels to help you remain calm.

Supports a healthy metabolism by not just helping you maintain lean muscle but promoting it.

You know the drill: you begin a new diet, and at first, the pounds start falling off. But it doesn’t take long for the body to adapt and the weight loss to hit a standstill or, worse, start accumulating again. TETROGEN Day and Night was createdto help keep your metabolism revved up to help you lose up to 4 times more body fat and keep it off!

In two recent studies, this patented form of Cissus quadranglaris was shown to have profound effects on body weight and composition by decreasing fat weight while maintaining lean mass!*

A quality source of both catechins and caffeine, green tea extract has been shown to increase fat burning, leading to a decrease in body weight and body fat.*

This common spice in Cameroon has been shown in recent research to help increase weight loss and decrease waist and hip circumference.*

These modest seed kernels from West Africa are believed to support fat loss by promoting normal insulin and leptin response.

Supports weight management goals throughout the day and night and frees fats to be burned for energy to dramatically support a healthy metabolism, which is key to not just losing weight but keeping it off.

I am so happy you shared this. I ordered! This is the best product I’ve ever tried for my body. I used TETROGEN for just a month, and I can barely recognize myself. I haven’t looked this good in a long time. I’m… Read more…

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