Updated for 2015 The Link Building eBook by Paddy Moogan

Updated for 2015 The Link Building eBook by Paddy MooganClick Image To Visit SiteIn this book I show you what link building techniques I’ve used for my clients over the years to improve their rankings.

You’ll learn what links to build and how to build them. There is no shortage of information on link building but there can be some conflicting advice out there. This book aims to be the ONE single resource that all SEOs will ever need on link building. And as SEO changes over time this book will adapt and change too. So it remains as the ‘bible’ of link building.

You’ll also get FREE updates with new tools, techniques and changes at Google so that you always have the most up to date information. Only available in eBook.

This is probably my most successful piece of outreach in terms of time spent and conversion rate. I have to also admit that it wasnt planned at all; I saw an opportunity and got to work without really thinking too much about it. Background: My client operates in a very technical industry. It has a decent community of active bloggers and a wider appeal to technology websites, so link targets arent in short supply. However, I was having problems with making this client link worthy their website was quite old and in all honesty, didnt deserve links, so outreach was really hard. That was until the client called me one afternoon and told me that the BBC had picked up on one of the stories from their PR company but not included a link. The client was asking if we had any BBC contacts that we may be able to hit up, so I started the process here to try and get in touch with someone. The hook: While this was happening, I took a closer look at the coverage and… Read more…

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