My Dance Teacher Coaching Revolution

My Dance Teacher Coaching RevolutionClick Image To Visit SiteThe most comprehensive, sought after and exclusive dance teacher training program on the internet. Proven Methods.

Exercises that will allow you to put into practice and make all the concepts of these course natural.

After years of activity I can say with certainty that most dance schools and teachers think that their course system (100 years old) still works and that they can really teach people to dance in this way. Whether you are a Manager or a Dance Teacher, this corse will help you immensely.

The techniques and tricks explained in this video course will fit to Managers as well as Dance Teachers.

I create a situation where I do not teach and do not dance anymore, becoming a leader in the dance industry, coming out of the price war of those who do the classic private lessons without a specific goal and instead exploiting the market niche of the paths of individual lessons with a guarantee goal

Here’s how much every single student is paying thanks to my system of individual lessons path with a guarantee goal.

In the Dance industry, my name is synonym of success. I have always documented my progresses and my numbers are real, proven and replicable.

While the majority of the programs out there focus on quantity, mine focuses on quality. There is no sense having 20 students if you don’t learn how to handle them in a proper way. Quality beats quantity and this video course focuses on a long-term, sustainable Dance School Business.

How to get out of the price war by eliminating competition through paths of personalized individual lessons.

There are tricks to help you make more dance lessons, no questions about it. Most courses for Managers and Dance Teachers revolve around the classic concept of teaching dance figures… Read more…

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