The Four Gospels

The Four GospelsClick Image To Visit SiteDo you realize the Bible is written in a secret code — and once you understand the code, you unlock a whole deeper meaning of every chapter and every verse?

The Four Gospels: New Metaphysical Version transforms the traditional content of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into a practical application to help you deal with the challenges you are facing every day.

This eBook is in digital downloadable format, so you get it instantly. You’ll receive the eBook as a pdf file, viewable with the free Adobe Reader or any other pdf viewer.

Each individual eBook of a Gospel is $15; but you can get this first-ever Collection Edition, including all Four Gospels, for only $45.97! This is like getting one of the Gospels free!

Not sure yet about buying? You can download a free excerpt  (the first 4 chapters of the Gospel of John, NMV) so you can see what all the fuss is about: Read more…

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