QuoteChef – Cost Estimation Web Forms Made Simple & Fun.

QuoteChef - Cost Estimation Web Forms Made Simple & Fun.Click Image To Visit Site(Psst… using our web-based software is like having an employee who works 24/7, never takes a break, never makes a mistake… and works for pocket change.)

It’s an easy-to-use, visually engaging, and interactive software request form builder… reimagined specifically for providing AUTOMATED price quotes and estimates.

That means if a customer wants to visit your website and get a quote at 3:00 AM, it’s not problem — Quote Chef never sleeps! “The Chef” works around the clock.

you’ll be able to catch your prospects when they’re HOT and most interested… instead of hours (or even days) later when they may have cooled off… or moved on altogether.

Our software also ELIMINATES the unpleasant bartering often associated with cost estimation. It ends “lowballing” by customers and frees you from having to “negotiate” your price.

Your customers can walk through your quoting process and see that your price is CALCULATED — and NOT just thrown out “off the top of your head.” This inspires confidence in your pricing… in you… and in your business.

Our software handles the entire quoting process FOR YOU … and it never makes mistakes or gets tired. When a client needs a quote, the “Chef” is ready and waiting!

* Plus… it’s perfect for custom product builders and ecommerce (where there are often many options to choose from or decisions to be made).

When a customer wants to place an order, they simply open your Quote Chef price estimation form, answer a series of simple questions, and receive an estimate right on the spot. It’s super-easy.

Our forms work intelligently. They collect customer data and can redirect prospects to your payment page at the end of the process.

Quote Chef manages all aspects of your price calculation and lead… Read more…

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